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-Galicia is an autonomous group of Spain. It has borders with Portugal and the Spanish autonomous communities of Castilla and Leon and Asturias. People today in Galicia commonly communicate the two Spanish and Galician. The Galician language is derived from Latin and carefully relevant to Portuguese.+====== Welcome to the FlatPress wiki ======
-Galicia has around 2.78 million inhabitants as of 2008, with the major concentration in two coastal areas, from  Ferrol ​ to  A Coru? in the northwest from  Vilagarc??a  ​to  ​Vigo  on the southwest. The funds is  Santiago de Compostela , in the province of A Coru?a. Vigo, in the province of Pontevedra, is the most populous city, with 297,332 inhabitants ( INE  2009).+===== Resources ===== 
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-Galicia is created up of four diverse provinces, la Coruna, Pontevedra, Ourense and Lugo. The capital of the area is the city of Santiago de Compostela and it is this city that draws in 80% of Galicia'​s overseas website visitors. Use this  Santiago ​ backlink to locate out why. 
-Galicia is a well-liked getaway alternative with quite a few Spaniards residing in the southern and central cities of the state. They like to holiday break in the north to escape the oppressive warmth and love Galicia'​s renowned seafood based mostly gastronomy. For this motive the month of August (Spain'​s national holiday period of time) is often the busiest time. The months of May possibly, June, July and September are considerably quieter and have a tendency to be a lot more well known with overseas holidaymakers. If you wanna remain at Galicia, you can do it here: <a href="​http://​​hoteles-en-galicia/​actividades">​balcon de san bartolo</​a>​ and you will be actually fascinated about its privileged state of affairs and marvellous put.+===== Documentation =====
-Galicia has its own historic language, ​ Galician , more closely relevant ​to  ​Portuguese ​ than  Spanish , and sharing a widespread ​ Galician-Portuguese ​ root language with the former in the Center AgesSome authors even look at existing-day Galician and Portuguese to be  dialects ​ of a single language, but the prevailing view, endorsed by the Galician Language Institute is that discrepancies,​ particularly in phonetics and vocabulary, are significant plenty of to make them two different languages  Inevitably, the difference is bolstered by the political border.+  * [[doc:​WikiGuidelines|Wiki Guidelines]] (how to add content: **READ ME FIRST!**) [ [[it:​doc:​WikiGuidelines|it]] [[de:​doc:​WikiGuidelines|de]] [[sp:​doc:​WikiGuidelines|sp]] [[se:​doc:​wikiguidelines|se]] [[pl:​doc:​wikiguidelines|pl]] [[ru:​doc:​wikiguidelines|ru]] ​ 
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-Galicia has so a lot of smaller rivers that it has been called the "land of the thousand rivers"​. The most important of the rivers are the  Mi?o  and the  Sil , which has a spectacular canyon. Most of the rivers in the inside are tributaries of the Mi??o. Other rivers run immediately to the  Atlantic Ocean  or the  Cantabrian Sea . Most of these have small classes, particularly those that run to the Cantabrian Sea. 
-Galicia has partial self-governance,​ in the sort of a  devolved govt , recognized on 16 March 1978 and strengthened by the  Galician Statute of Autonomy , ratified on 28 April 1981. There are about three  branches of governing administration : the  government branch , the  Xunta de Galicia , consisting of the President and the other independently elected councillors the  legislative department ​ consisting of the  Galician Parliament ​ and the  judicial department ​ consisting of the  Large Court of Galicia ​ and reduced courts. 
-Galicia in specific and Northern Spain in common have extended been regarded to be a hidden jewel in the full Spanish vacationer marketplace. ​ All more than Northern Spain the weather is much extra reasonable than the rest of the Iberian Peninsula and the autonomous regions that make up this place of the place have specifically what it can take to assist visiting travellers have a excellent time.+===== Tools =====
-Galicia is also known for its tradition of h2o sports, the two at sea and in rivers, sush as  rowing ,  yachting ,  canoeing ​ and  surfing ​., in which sports is a normal winner of metals in the Olympics, at present the most case in point is  David Cal , Carlos Perez Rial and Fernando EchavarriIn the discipline water sport Galician par excellence are the trainer, counting Galicia with representatives in the League of San Miguel trawlers.+  * [[tools:​db:​spbimporter|SPB Importer]] [ [[it:​tools:​db:​spbimporter|it]] ] 
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 +===== Links =====
-Galicia is thought to be "the first country in Europe",​ following the institution of the Swabian Kingdom in 411 AdThe Swabian dynasty lasted until finally 585, when it was changed by the Visigoth dynastyWith the Muslim profession of southern Iberia from 711 and the subsequent dismantlement of the Visigoth Empire, Galicia started ​to consolidate itself as a person of the most important Christian Kingdoms in Medieval Iberia, particularly thanks to the pilgrimage route to Santiago ​de Compostela.+  * [[http://​​home/​blog.php|FlatPress official blog]] 
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-Galicia was annexed to Castilla (Spain) in 1486 this was the commencing of the so-called "Dark Hundreds of years"​. Considering the fact that then, Galicia has attempted to get back its independence or attain bigger autonomy up to this day. Galicia only misplaced its formal denomination of "​kingdom"​ in 1833. There was a failed endeavor to proclaim a Galician Republic in 1931. 
-Galicia was one of the central factors for Western European Megalithic Lifestyle (8000-2000 BC), and physical continues to be are even now visible these days. Even so, Galicians trace their cultural ancestry back again to Celtic tribes which started to settle around a thousand BC. Celtic Civilization in Galicia had its heyday in between 600 and twenty five BC, up to when Galicia fell below the electrical power of the Roman Empire. Nevertheless,​ a weak Romanization meant the consolidation of a hybrid way of life, bearing strong Celtic attributes. 
-Galicia is rolling hills draped with patchwork fields of inexperienced,​ craggy granite cliffs looming around vacant seashores and the occasional bagpipe participant. (The Celts arrived in the centuries before Roman rule, and the regional edition of the bagpipe, known as the  gaita  in the Galician language, is one particular of their most obvious legacies.) There is also an ever more assorted sprinkling of Michelin-starred dining establishments and luxurious lodgings-symptoms that Galicia might not continue being a tourism underdog eternally. 
-Galicia is also recognised to have a rich historic track record of numerous civilizations of pre-historic periods. According to some sources Celtic were being the 1st who lived on this element of world. There are number of traces of Roman civilization which have also been observed including Lugo Walls, Ourense Bridge and Hercules Tower. The traces of middle age civilizations are also existing in the sort of Saint James Tomb which is known to be a very religious spot and variety of guests journey to this tomb each and every year to accomplish pilgrimage. 
-Galicia is a wonderful place constituted of 4 provinces Lugo, Pontevedra, Ourense and A Coru?a which is also the funds province of the location. Galicia is preferred place in Spain as this piece of the state is acknowledged as "The Land with Thousand Rivers"​ and all the rivers in the location flows throughout the whole region touring as a result of the mountains to the coastal regions. The coastal line in the area has a great wide variety for the visitors ranging from some extremely smooth and good beach locations to some adventurous cliffs like Costa de Muerte which is also identified as "The Dying Coastline"​. 
-Galicia has 3 major airports. The most vital is the  Santiago de Compostela Airport , the only Galician airport with intercontinental flights. With 1,943,900 passengers in 2009, it connects to cities in Spain as nicely as quite a few important European cities. Scheduled assistance to  Caracas ​ and  Buenos Aires  has been proposed. The  Vigo-Peinador Airport ​ experienced 1,278,762 passengers in 2008 it connects to cities in Spain and to  London ,  Paris , and  Brussels . The  A Coru?a Airport ​ had 1,174,970 travellers in 2008 it connects all around Spain and to  Lisbon ​ and  London . 
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