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 +====== BBCode Plugin ======
 +===== What is BBCode ? =====
 +See: [[wp>​BBCode]]
 +===== Available Tags =====
 +    * [h2]Heading 2nd level[/h2] to [h6]Heading 6th level[/h6] (Because h1 is the heading for the page title, it has been disabled in the content of every page.)
 +    * [b]bold[/b]
 +    * [i]italics[/​i]
 +    * [u]underlined[/​u]
 +    * [del]strike-through[/​del]
 +    * [size=80%]smaller[/​size] or [size=120%]bigger[/​size] text
 +    * [font=FONT]font[/​font] where FONT is a valid css font-family value (sans-serif Times etc...)
 +    * [color=COLOR]color[/​color] (where color is a valid css color value)
 +    * [quote]text quotation[/​quote]
 +    * [code]code[/​code] if SyntaxHighlighter plugin is enabled (experimental) it supports the [code=LANGUAGE] specification;​ language codes are defined at the project page
 +    * <​code>​[list]
 +[*]bulleted list element 1
 +[*]bulleted list element 2
 +    * <​code>​[list=#​]
 +[*]Numbered list element 1
 +[*]Numbered list element 2
 +    * [more] ​ beaks up long post on the main page with the [Read More…] that can be click on to see the rest of the post.
 +    * [img=IMAGEPATH (popup=false) (scale=NN%) (width=N) (height=N) (float=left|right)] (items in parenthesis are optional).
 +       * if **IMAGEPATH** begins with images/ it will be automatically translated into the appropriate URL for fp-content/​images/​
 +       * **float** float the images to the left or to the right
 +       * **scale** creates a thumbnail NN% smaller than the original. ​
 +           * The generated thumbnail is a real, static thumbnail if //thumb// plugin is enabled; otherwise the image will look small in browser but the browser will be actually downloading the original file 
 +           * scale implies popup=true, i.e. FlatPress will act as if you excplictly set popup=true;
 +       * **popup** you can both force a popup to off or on explicitly setting popup=false or popup=true
 +       * **width** and **height** are self explanatory (you can use both of them or only one). If you set only one, the other will be set accordingly (it won't work on remote images, and needs GD2 php extension to be installed; usually it is)
 +       * Please notice that popup is a **lightbox** (actually namely it is [[http://​​software/​slimbox|Slimbox]]),​ if the corresponding plugin //​lightbox//​ is enabled; ​
 +       * Example: [img=images/​picture.jpg scale=5%] ​
 +    * [video=http:/​/​​MYVIDEO] allows to insert a YouTube video in your entry  ​
 +    * %%[url]http:/​/​[/​url]%% or %%[url=http:/​/​]description[/​url]%%  ​
 +       ​* ​ url can begin with images/ or attachs/ (images/ will be translated into IMAGES_DIR, attachs/ into ATTACHS_DIR,​ tipically fp-content/​attachs/​)
 +    * LEGACY, use [[doc:​plugins:​bbcode:​tips|INLINE HTML]] instead <​del>''​[html][/​html]''​ literal html. All code between these is not changed.</​del>​ BEWARE! It could break validation or page rendering!
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