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-nothing ​to see here yet :)+====== Wiki guidelines ====== 
 +Please follow these simple rules while adding content ​to this wiki: 
 +  * Every important documentation part should be linked to from the [[:​start|start page]]. 
 +  * Please follow the name conventions (as the name spaces). International (English) pages start with //doc://; translated (non-English) with an additional language code: //it// for Italian, //de// for German, and so on.  
 +    * Example: [[de:​doc:​faq|de:​doc:​faq]] leads to the German FAQ. 
 +  * Translated pages should be referred to from the [[:​start|start page]]. Please add them there with der language code in square brackets. 
 +    * Example: [[doc:​faq|Frequently asked questions]] [ [[de:​doc:​faq|de]] ] 
 +  * Preserve the content structure of the pages you edit. Copy an existing section, paste it elsewhere and replace its content with the content you would like to add.
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