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Editing and outputting description, keywords and robots meta tags for search engines

Meta tags are still very important for SEO (search engine optimization) and social media posting. For example, if you don't have the description meta tag for your blog post, Facebook won't display the page description. This makes these tags crucial for any blog.

Author: Hubert

Licence: GPL v2

Plugin Features

  1. Single Entries - Editing and output of description, keywords, and robots meta tags
  2. Static pages - Editing and output of description, keywords, and robots meta tags (see the instructions for integration on static pages)
  3. Categories - Output of description, keywords, and robots meta tags
  4. Archives - Output of description, keywords, and robots meta tags
  5. Tags - Output of description, keywords, and robots meta tags
  6. Canonical - Output of the canonical meta tag (selectable)
  7. Title - Output of pretty titles for categories, archives, and tags pages (selectable)
  8. Title - Output of the title meta tag (selectable)
  9. Tries to make pages unique by appending ‘page #nn’ or ‘comments’ to titles and descriptions

Language Packs

english (default), Italiano (contributed by eagleman), Deutsch (contributed by Arvid Zimmermann), all others by Fraenkiman

Integration on static pages

In order for this plugin to be able to edit metadata on static pages, the file admin.static.write.tpl in the directory /admin/panels/static/ must be modified. Look for clue {*here will go a plugin hook*} in about line 42 and place the following code below it:

{action hook=simple_edit_form}

. Then it should look like this:

			rows="20" cols="74">{$content|default:$smarty.request.content|htmlspecialchars}</textarea><br />
		{*here will go a plugin hook*}
		{action hook=simple_edit_form}  {* <<<<<========== ADDED SEO Metatag Info <<<<<========== *}

Optional settings

Additional valid characters (e.g. german umlauts ÄäÖöÜü) can be specified for the “Description” and “Keywords” meta tags by changing the “$keep_chars” variable. To do this, open the plugin.seometataginfo.php file in the plugin directory with an editor. Around line 31, find the variable $keep_char = “”; and change it as follows:

$keep_char = "ășțîâÄäÜüÖöß";

More plugin configuration switches and their description can be found directly in the plugin.seometataginfo.php file and in the Hubert’s World archived page.

Download If FlatPress ≤ v1.2.1


Please ask for help on the FlatPress Forum


2023-01-21 (V2.2.3)
  • fixed PHP error in is_contact(); Code formatting, Many thanks to Arvid
  • Added more language files
2022-10-12 (V2.2.2)
  • Fixed under PHP 7.4, Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP
  • Added Metadata the name of the document's author
2022-08-28 (V2.2.1)
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