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NHWS Scalable


Scalable theme as responsive design for FlatPress based on Leggero, it works also with PHP 8. [JP]多様な画面サイズへの追従を目指したレスポンシブデザインの外観テーマです。PHP8上でも動作します。

Download (latest version)

FlatPressTheme-nhws_scalable3.01.zip change design as wide-screen

Download (old version)

FlatPressTheme-nhws_scalable1.01.zip first version , FlatPressTheme-nhws_scalable1.02.zip Last version compatible with IE6 , FlatPressTheme-nhws_scalable2.01.zip Rewrited all with HTML5+CSS3 , FlatPressTheme-nhws_scalable2.02.zip minor update , FlatPressTheme-nhws_scalable2.03.zip minor update , FlatPressTheme-nhws_scalable2.04.zip minor update , FlatPressTheme-nhws_scalable2.05.zip compatible to work with php8 , FlatPressTheme-nhws_scalable3.01.zip change design as wide-screen

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