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 Theme by [[http://​www.emanuelericco.it|emanuelericco.it]] Theme by [[http://​www.emanuelericco.it|emanuelericco.it]]
 +===== A Touch of Glass =====
 +Axels theme A Touch Of Glass by [[https://​www.axel-hahn.de|Axel Hahn]]
 +==== Description ====
 +This is a clean blog frontend theme. ​
 +You get 1, 2 or 3 colums in a single theme. What *I* ever missed: it marks archive or category filters.
 +It includes 4 styles and an updated look of the backend. ​
 +Last Update: 2019-06-19
 +To upgrade remove //​fp-interface/​themes/​atog//​ and extract the newer //atog// directory from github archive.
 +==== Download ====
 +[[https://​github.com/​axelhahn/​flatpress-theme-touch-of-glass/​archive/​master.zip|ZIP on Github]]
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