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FlatPress Default Settings

Just in case you played too much around with your FlatPress installation, here are the FlatPress version 1.2.1 default settings for your reference.


For demonstration purposes, the post “Welcome to FlatPress!” is created during setup.


The two statical pages “Menu” and “About” are created during setup.

Content of “menu”:


Content of “about”:

Write something about yourself here. ([url=admin.php?p=static&action=write&page=about]Edit me![/url])


There are no categories by default. (The “Welcome to FlatPress” entry is shown as “Unfiled”.)


The right bar holds the following widgets.

  • AdminArea
  • BlockParser: menu
  • Categories
  • Archives
  • LastEntries
  • SearchBox

The left bar, top bar, and bottom bar are all empty.


FlatPress comes with a lot of plugins right out of the box. The majority of them are enabled.


  • Accessible Antispam, AdminArea, Archives, BBCode, BlockParser, Categories, Comment Center, FavIcon, jQuery, LastEntries, LightBox2, Media Manager, PrettyURLs, QuickSpamFilter, ReadMore, SearchBox, Thumbnails


  • Akismet, Calendar, FootNotes, LastComments, LastComments Admin, PostViews

Plugin Settings


  • Inline HTML: [_] Enable using HTML along with BBCode
  • Toolbar: [_] Enable the editor toolbar.
  • Comments: [_] Allow BBCode in comments
  • URL max length: Shorten URLs longer than 40 characters.

(As of FlatPress 1.2: Although “Inline HTML” and “Toolbar” show up as not activated after fresh install, they in fact are. This will be fixed with FlatPress 1.3.)


  • Words: empty
  • Bad Word Count: 1


  • Mode: Automatic

Comment Center

  • Policies: empty
  • Log blocked comments: [_]
  • Notify comments via email: [_]
  • Enable Akismet check: [_]
  • Akismet Key: empty
  • Blog base URL for Akismet: empty

To avoid your blog being spammed by commenters with links to dubious or malicious sites, it is strongly recommended you create a policy to be applied to all entries and a behavior of “Comments need to be approved”. (GitHub issue)


By default, the “Leggero V2” style of the “Leggero” theme is set. Other themes are not supplied.


General settings

  • Blog title: FlatPress
  • Blog subtitle: My FlatPress blog
  • Blog footer: empty
  • Blog author: Name entered during the initial setup.
  • Blog URL: URL entered during the initial setup.
  • Blog email: E-mail address entered during the initial setup.
  • Notifications: [X] Enable email notification for comments
  • The home page of this web site is: my blog (default)
  • Number of posts per page: 5

International settings

  • Time should differ by n hours: 2
  • Default format for date: %A, %B %e, %Y
  • Default format for date (short): %Y-%m-%d
  • Language: English (US)
  • Character set: utf-8
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