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FlatPress Debug mode

For the development of templates, plugins and PHP scripts, it is helpful to let FlatPress do the talking.


Before you publish your FlatPress, you should set the “switches” to OFF or delete them again.

The Smarty Engine offers a console for template designers. It is also helpful, for example, to display any error messages when changing the PHP version.

The easiest way is to place the “switches” as centrally as possible, for example in the file core.system.php in the lower third of the function system_init() in line 195.

Open the file core.system.php with an FTP client, e.g. FileZilla in the directory /fp-includes/core.

Now insert the following code in line 195:

	// enabled smarty debug console
	@ini_set('display_errors', 'on'); // on or off
	@error_reporting(E_ALL); // E_ALL or 0
	$smarty->debugging = true; // true or false
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