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FlatPress File Formats

On this page we describe the various file formats used by FlatPress internally.

Entries / Drafts / Statics

All these files share the same internal format.

Sample ('About' page):

SUBJECT|About|CONTENT|Write something about yourself here. ([url=admin.php?p=static&action=write&page=about]Edit me![/url])|DATE|1650311388|VERSION|fp-1.2.1|

As you can see from the above, all fields and values are separated by the vertical bar character or pipe symbol “|” (ASCII code 124 dec or 7C hex). Vertical bars in a field's value will be converted to | automatically on preview or save.

Field name Field description
SUBJECT Title of that page.
CONTENT All the text and formatting stuff for that page.
DATE Date of page creation in Unix timestamp format. One may wish to use, e.g.,, to convert this value to/from a human-readable format. – Note: This field will not be updated, when you edit a page.
VERSION Contains an identifier to indicate the FlatPress version used to create or update the file.
Example: fp-1.2.1 stands for FlatPress version 1.2.1.
AUTHOR Who authored that page.
CATEGORIES ID number of the category a page belongs to. This field is also used to indicate a draft page or when comments are closed. Multiple value are separated by comma.
Example: CATEGORIES|draft,commslock,1,5| means, that page is a draft, comments are locked, and it is filed under the categories 1 and 5.

The only mandatory field is SUBJECT, because you can't view a page without a title. All other fields are optional, i.e., FlatPress doesn't throw an error, if they are not present in the “entry*.txt” file.

The position of a field inside a file does not matter.


Comments files support fields CONTENT, DATE, and VERSION from Entries / Drafts / Statics files.

Specific to comments files are the following fields.

Field name Field description
NAME The commenter's name.
EMAIL The commenter's e-mail address. (if provided)
URL The commenter's web address. (if provided)
IP-ADDRESS The commenter's IP address.



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