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How to disable character replacement

Default behaviour

By default, FlatPress replaces some characters (or character combinations) within your entries and static pages:

  • Two hyphens (“--”) become an en dash (“–”), three (“---”) an em dash (“—”)
  • Three dots (“...”) become an ellipsis (“…”)
  • Quotations marks become typographic: "text" will become “text”
  • Trademark sign: “Text (tm)” is being replaced with “Text ™”
  • Multiplication sign: “2x3” is displayed as “2×3”

… and a few more.

How to disable

If you would like FlatPress not to do these character replacements, just tell it to :)

After the first two lines of your index.php, just add the remove_filter() call as shown:

include 'defaults.php';
include INCLUDES_DIR . 'includes.php';

remove_filter('the_content', 'wptexturize');

define('MOD_INDEX', 1);


More details

The described replacements take place in the function wptexturize() in fp-includes/core/core.wp-formatting.php. Please refer there for a detailled view into the replacement logic.

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