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How to share your entries via news feed

News feeds are great for blog visitors who want to be informed about new blog entries. FlatPress automatically provides two types of news feed: RSS and Atom. As examples, see the feeds in action:

(There is a lot of feed reader software out there. For example, the free desktop mail client Thunderbird is able to display RSS feed contents; Android users may know Feeder.)

Sharing the news feed

It is important for your visitors to know there is a news feed they can subscribe to. This may be done in different ways:

Add a link to your blog's feed anywhere to your theme's template files. The feed links are straightforward! With the PrettyURLs plugin enabled, it's just:

Without PrettyURLs, use:

Most visitors will recognize a feed link that is decorated with the commonly known feed icon, such as this example.

Using the convenient RSS feed plugin

An easy way to have your visitors subscribing to your blog's RSS feed is the RSS feed widget plugin. It provides a widget with a “Subscribe” button - just add the widget e.g. to your sidebar!

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