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Flatpress Backup

Since FlatPress works on flat files, backup of your blog is always just copying folders and files. In most cases, you use your favourite FTP software (e.g. FileZilla) for the job.

You may backup your FlatPress blog in different levels:

  1. Full backup
  2. Backup of user-created contents
  3. Individual backup

You might want to take a look onto the descriptions below in order to chose the backup method which suits your needs.

Full Backup

This is the easiest and recommended way to backup your FlatPress blog: Just copy the whole FlatPress directory from your server.

Scope Just everything: FlatPress core, themes, plugins, contents.
Pro Restore can be done without running setup again, and you do not have to consider any changes.
Con Takes the longest time, of course. Also, you cannot change installation directory or the author's name. It is just a 1 by 1 copy.
Restore Just copy back to your server, and you're fine.

Backing-up user-created contents

You may want to backup just the contents of your blog: Entries, static pages, uploaded files, comments, settings. This is useful if you plan to move your blog contents to a freshly installed FlatPress instance, e.g. during an update from really old versions.

Scope Contents only: Subfolder “fp-content”.
Pro Quite fast.
Con Also contains caches which might cause trouble after restore. Does not backup themes or plugins (which you may have edited). It is not possible to change Flatpress installation directory or author name.
Restore Install a new FlatPress. Replace original folder “fp-contents” with your backup.

Individual Backup

This method can only be done manually and is extensive, as a lot of single transfers have to be initiated. Only directories and files that differ from a standard Flatpress installation (i.e. you changed them…) are backed up. Use this method if you are an experienced user. Best way is to build an individual backup script doing the work.

Scope Exactly what you need.
Pro Flexibility in storage and time consumption. Can rebuild your FlatPress contents and settings in any other environment. Following this method, you can move your blog into different directories, change the author's name or even create a “mobile Flatpress” on a USB stick.
Con Experienced users only. An individual backup script doesn't write itself.
Restore Install a new FlatPress in your target environment. Copy back all folders from the backup.

Backup what you want to be backed up:

  1. fp-content/attachs (if used)
  2. fp-content/content
  3. fp-content/images (if used)
  4. fp-content/…my extensions… (if used)
  5. fp-interface/themes/…my themes…
  6. fp-plugins/…my plugins… (if used)

It is very important to include all files, directories and plugins that are not part of the Flatpress standard installation.

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