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Author: mirai-online, Revised by Fraenkiman


Tip of the day:
The CookieBanner plugin can be a more discreet alternative, but does not offer the option of blocking unnecessary cookies.

The plugin displays a banner at the top of the browser to comply with the obligation to provide information and consent (EU-Cookie-Directive), which informs the visitor about the use of cookies.

In addition, a note with a link to the privacy policy is inserted in the contact form and when commenting.

Important note

The banner contains a link to the privacy policy. To do this, it is necessary that you create a new static page with the page name “dataprotection” with your privacy policy in the Admin Center of FlatPress.




Please ask for help on the FlatPress Forum


2022-03-12 (V1.2.0)
  • Added: Reference to the privacy policy in the contact form and when commenting
2022-10-23 (V1.1.1)
  • The plugin now adjusts the style to the corresponding media size
  • Added: Description for Essential Session Cookies and User ID
  • Added: The banner now refers to the privacy policy (dataprotection)
  • Fixed: cookieguardicon is not displayed although expected
  • Fixed: Banner does not stick to the top edge
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