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Author: Igor Kromin, revised by Fraenkiman


This is a plugin for FlatPress that adds a BBCode tag “Download” with a link to the file to download and a counter for how many times the file has been downloaded.

Example: Download link with with file name


Example: Download link with filename and size

[ size=k]

Example: Download link with own name and size

[ name="my test-file" size=k]

It is also possible to display the file size by providing a “size” attribute in the BBcode. The following are valid values for the size attribute (lowercase letters work too):

Bytes: [download=file.ext size=B]

Kilobyte: [download=file.ext size=K]

Megabyte: [download=file.ext size=M]

Gigabyte: [download=file.ext size=G]

Terabyte: [download=file.ext size=T]


To use the plug-in, extract it to the fp-plugins directory, activate the plug-in, and make sure that the fp-content/attachs directory is created and writable by the web server user. The plugin assumes that the file to be downloaded is located in the fp-content/attachs directory. The link is generated using the blog base URL.

Download for English language for German language



Plugins für FlatPress << Fr@nk-Web


Please ask for help on the FlatPress Forum


2022-12-14 (V1.3.2)
  • Fixed: The plugin crashes when the BBCode plugin is not enabled. Thanks to Arvid for the hint
2022-11-28 (V1.3.1)
  • Error-Pages in HTML5
  • Added Instructions
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