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Entry Cover Plugin (BETA)


With this plugin, you can add Covers to entries easily.Just upload covers and select what you want in the entry. You can add the cover in any part of the theme, and also include a tag [cover] if your theme is not compatible with the plugin.

NOTE: It is a beta version

Author: Francisco Arocas


How to use

Upload a image in the media manager. Edit an entry, and select the cover you want to add. Save the entry.

If your theme is not compatible with the plugin, just add this code where you want to show the cover in your entry .tpl file:

{if isset($entryCoverEnable)}

You can add a CSS class to the cover passing it as parameter:

{if isset($entryCoverEnable)}

An when the plugin parse will appear like this:

<img class="myClassCover" src="image.png">

If you dont want to edit the tpl. You can activate [cover] tag. Just in plugin page, entry cover panel. Then use [cover] tag in entries.

To make it responsive, you can add to your CSS:

.myClassCover {
  max-width: 100%;
  height: auto;
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