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Screenshot of the GPX Viewer plugin in action - click for full sizeThis plugin adds Jürgen Berkemeier's free JavaScript library GPX Viewer to FlatPress. It adds a BBCode tag “gpx” to include your uploaded GPX file into your blog entry or static page.

Important: The GPX Viewer library is free for non-commercial use. If you want to use it in a commercial environment, please contact its author Jürgen Berkemeier.

Author of the FlatPress plugin is Arvid Zimmermann.



Upload a GPX file to your FlatPress instance. Then simply insert into your static page or blog entry:


You can set the default map type in the plugin's settings. Nevertheless, each GPX track can be displayed with an individual map layer:

[gpx="attachs/file.gpx" maptype="opentopo"]

See all available values for the “maptype” attribut in the select box of the plugin settings.


The plugin's output consists of two parts: The map itself and a height profile plot. The map is displayed as <html>

</html>, the height profile plot as <html>

</html>. Those two are packed together in a <html>


<div class="gpx">
    <div class="gpxmap"></div>
    <div class="gpxheightprofile"></div>

You find the default CSS defintions for these classes in res/gpxplugin.css.


The GPX Viewer library allows to change appearance of the map and height profile (such as colors and other behaviour) via JavaScript control variables. The file res/costumsettings.js contains a few of them to start with; you find them all on the GPX Viewer documentation page.



2022-06-06: Version 1.1
  • Updated GPX Viewer library to version 6.16.
  • Added plugin settings panel to the Admin Area.
  • Added localization.
2022-05-07: Version 1.0.2
  • Bugfix: Fixed invalid HTML output.
2020-12-19: Version 1.0.1
  • Updated GPX Viewer library to version 6.10.1.
  • Bugfix: initializePluginTags() has to be public static.
  • Bugfix: Track was displayed with unwanted offset.
  • CSS: A little more spacing between map and height profile in the GPX plugin.
2020-11-01: Version 1.0
  • Initial plugin version.
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