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RemotePosting Plugin

Mostly based on WP XML-RPC implementation. Currently it supports editing and posting of entries (not static posts!), listing last entries, filing under different categories.



  • upload to fp-plugins,
  • enable from the admin panel,
  • when asked, fill in your username and password
  • if asked, point your favorite blogging client to your blog main URL (e.g. ``) and choose the WordPress 2.2+ API
  • you're set :)

Post any questions on the forum.

feel free to add any screenshot of the process here — Edoardo Vacchi 2009/06/24 09:14


  • Enable image uploading via FTP (other methods are not supported)

via Tools > Options > Accounts > (Your account name) > Pictures > Upload Pictures to an FTP server > Configure FTP

ftp upload


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