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Author: DeltaLima


Makes [code] blocks syntax highlighted (when language specified) with prism.js

By default the “small-size” prism.js language support is enabled. This contains following supported language tags by default:

markup, css, clike, javascript, apacheconf, arduino, atom, bash, basic, batch, 
bbcode, c, cpp, cmake, csv, diff, docker, git, go, html, http, ini, java, json,
log, makefile, markdown, markup-templating, nginx, pascal, perl, php,
powershell, python, rss, ruby, shell-session, sql, svg, typescript, vbnet,
visual-basic, wiki, yaml, xml

See for the corresponding “[code=]”-tags and the full list of languages which are supported in the full package, you can configure as well.


no syntax highlightning

[code]Just plain text e.g.[/code]

PHP code block

[code=php]<?php echo "This is an php example" ?>[/code]

apache config block

[code=apacheconf]<Location /example>
    Order Deny,Allow
    Deny from all
    Allow from


You can configure the prism.js package size to use (tiny, small, full) and the used theme (coy, dark, default, funky, okaidia, solarizedlight, tomorrow, twilight).

Just edit for that config.php




Please ask for help on the FlatPress Forum

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