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Tag Plugin

This plugin lets you add tags to your blog entries. It requires the standard plugin BBCode.


Add tags to your entries with this BBCode:

[tag]my tags, comma, separated[/tag]

The plugin adds by default the tag list in the bottom of every entry - but you can disable this.

It also makes available a widget with tag cloud, and it’s compatible with PrettyURLs.

Tags can be accessed by URL, eg.

Originally developed by Piero Angelo Vendrame, modified to support php v7 flatpress.

by Evaggelos Balaskas


zip file include tag plugin for Flatpress 1.1 / 1.2 for FlatPress 1.3 "Andante" Beta 1 or higher

Git Repo

FlatPress-Extras github repo of Tag Plugin

ebal's github repo of Tag Plugin

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