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Dark Theme by Bartelme Design, ported by Tychondriax


This is my first attempt to port a theme from wordpress to flatpress, so don't be cruel with me :P . Jokes apart, I like it very much, it is kind of different from usual flatpress themes: two lateral widget bar (left and right) and even one at the bottom, just above the footer, and news and comments' details on the left, with simple but elegant pointers and divisors. Hoping it'll become also one of official themes on FpThemes… LOL, too early to say, isn't it? However, download and enjoy!

A little warning

At first change this theme could seem a little compressed, this because all the widget probably are collocated in the right column… that switches to left because the empty left column doesn't even appear! Then what? Don't worry, you only have to move some widgets in the left widgetbar (and even in the bottom one, if you want your page to appear prettier), and everything should get fine. Just don't forget to move them back if you change theme again! ;)


Works with 1.2. Works with 1.3.


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