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Theme by f!uX


New version 8.07 of the theme for Flatpress 0.803 (Vivace) based on Leggero, that provides 7 great styles: Acid (default), Rose, Rouge, Naples, Dark, Orange, Autumn. Features:


  • New grid layout (width 960px);
  • Three layouts: classic with two right sidebars, three columns with a left and right sidebar, two columns with a right sidebar;
  • Link for subscription of blog feed on most important feed readers and start pages;
  • Link to add blog to bookmarks;
  • Header customization with background image upload in administration area;
  • Improved post preview in write entry page;
  • Special icons for external link and links to particular files;
  • French language added;


  • Top tab menu bar
  • mini-icons and new date display.


  • Two right columns.
  • Social links to, digg, stumble upon and technorati;
  • Permalinks;
  • Language support (italian and english) to translate posted by, add comment, views, etc.;
  • Back to top link;
  • Scrolling effect with mootools (jsUtils must be enabled);
  • Top tab menu;
  • Mini-icons.

Installation on FlatPress 0.703

Copy folders res and imgs from the folder of a style (such as autumn) to root folder of the theme (fluxish)

This skin does not work well with IE7
At first the sidebar appears at the bottom of the page, then bounce up to the right position after a few seconds.


Works with 1.2. Works with 1.3.


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