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Language pack guidelines

Thanks for translating FlatPress to your language! Before taking this effort, please check on our language page if such a translation pack already exists.

Technical details

Language files should be encoded in UTF-8 (without BOM).

Which files to translate?

  1. Core language files: Everything under fp-interface/lang/ (and then your language code). Best practice is to copy the en-us folder and then translate file by file.
  2. Plugin language files: All files in fp-plugins/[name of the plugin]/lang/.
  3. Setup language file: the file in setup/lang/ folder.

How to publish?

On GitHub

If you are familiar with GitHub, simply fork the FlatPress repo, add your language files to the fork and open a Pull Request.


A language pack should partially reproduce the FlatPress directory structure. Goal is to have a ZIP file one can simply extract into their FlatPress folder. Publish your language pack on the language page. If you have any suggestions or need help creating your language pack, please visit the support forum.

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