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Flatpress Installation

Installing FlatPress is really easy.

  • Get the latest FlatPress version from the download page.

  • Unzip the downloaded package.

  • Upload the unzipped files and folders to your web server.
    Hint: FileZilla is a great free FTP tool for this task.

  • Start the FlatPress setup by navigating to your FlatPress address (e.g. with the web browser.
    The setup consists of just three quick steps:
    • Welcome dialogue
    • Enter user name, password, URL and email address
    • Finish dialogue

That's it! Now, you can work with your very own FlatPress. Happy blogging! :)

Important Note: For security reasons, it is recommended to delete both the “Setup” directory and the file “setup.php” from your web space. Please, also read the alert at Comment Center.

How to start blogging?

Your fresh FlatPress installation comes with a first blog entry. Click the “Read more” link to view it in full length. It contains useful information and links to help you get started.

Need help?

If you encounter any problems while setting up FlatPress, please do not hesitate to ask for help on the FlatPress support forum.

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