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CKEditor 4 Plugin

Author: Fraenkiman

Proof of Concept: Francisco Arocas @Franah, 2024 DeltaLima


CKEditor 4 is a powerful WYSIWYG HTML editor. It is necessary to allow inline HTML via the BBcode admin panel.


Programming language JavaScript with native jQuery integration
Data model HTML/DOM
Architecture Plugin-based
Editor types Classic, inline
UI Toolbar, dialogs, and features manipulated through right-click context menu
UI customization Skins, UI color change

For creating static pages

However, this plugin only works in entries. If you want to use the editor with static pages, you need to edit this file: admin/panels/static/admin.static.write.tpl

Find the line with:

{*here will go a plugin hook*}

And then write:

{action hook=simple_edit_form}


Screenshot of the edit area with the CKEditor toolbar (CDN-Version)

Screenshot of the edit area with the CKEditor toolbar (Open-Source-Version)


CKEditor 4 Open-Source edition (4.22.* and below) is licensed under the terms of any of the following licenses at your choice:

GPLv2 or later, MPLv1.1 or later, LGPLv2.1 or later


Notice: CKEditor 4 reached its End of Life (EOL) in June 2023. It is possible that the files for the CKEdior 4 will no longer be available in the CDN. It is therefore advisable to switch to the Full Open-Source version .

This full open-source edition ensures that all required files (12 MiB) are located on your web server.

This plugin is very lightweight, because use the Ckeditor CDN network (The editor is hosted in Ckeditor server´s not in your blog).


Q: Is CKEditor compatible with the BBcode plugin?

A: Yes. You can use both at same time. However, I recommend to use only one at the same time.

Q: Can I change the appearance or the range of functions?

A: Yes, to change the skin or the range of functions, open the file: /fp-plugins/ckeditor/res/config.js

Q: The editor also contains a markdown plugin. Can I use this for FlatPress?

A: Yes, you can. However, the markdown syntax is written in plain text in the FlatPress blog. It is therefore recommended that you also activate the Markdown plugin for FlatPress. You can download it here.


Please ask for help on the FlatPress Forum

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