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About the FlatPress project

This page gives you an insight into the Open Source project FlatPress, and the philosophy behind it.

FlatPress team

FlatPress is maintained by a merry band of volunteer developers. We are united by the joy of free software and the good feeling of making our skills available to others.

We don't get (or want) money for FlatPress. Also, we don't want our efforts to be praised - but at least appreciated.

Meet the FlatPress contributors!

Open Source philosophy

FlatPress is offered to you, free of charge, under the terms of the General Public License. You are free to use it for any purposes, and also to adapt and change the source code to your needs. Although we are not obligated to provide any bugfixes or support (offered “as is”), we of course give our very best to do so.

We are running the whole project in our free time - we simply can't guarantee you reaction times for emails, GitHub issues or questions on the support forum. But again, we do our very best to support you whereever we can.

Luckily, we have a great community that helps us with testing, coding, and supporting each other. This open and friendly spirit is the heart of FlatPress. You are warmly invited to be part of it!

Or, in other words:
What we offer to you is FlatPress - and our heart and soul we put into it.
What we kindly ask you for is to become a part of FlatPress with your heart and soul.

Release cycle

FlatPress is around since 2006, the software is mature and well-tested. And yet, we're still in Version 1.2.1 (as of March 2022). We don't stuff gazillions of features into our software, and we won't publish a new release each week.

FlatPress is meant to be a stable software without surprises.

How can I support the FlatPress project?

Glad you ask, thanks for caring! :) In fact, there a are many ways to contribute to FlatPress.

As a coder

Found a bug? Built a plugin? Designed a theme? Want to propose a new feature? Let us know!

As a translator

FlatPress “speaks” some languages out-of-the-box. If yours is not included yet, feel free to create a language pack! You don't need to be programmer to do so, the guidelines show you how it works. We'd love to add your translation to the FlatPress standard download package!

As a user

Even if you aren't a programmer, you can easily support our project.

  • If you have suggestions, feature request or want to report quirky behaviour, please do so on the support forum.
  • Show off your blog sites on the support forum as well.
  • Spread the word:
    • Tell the people you use FlatPress by leaving the “powered by FlatPress” link in your site footer intact.
    • If you are happy with FlatPress, tell your friends on your favourite social network.
    • If you know a software archive or a CMS compare site that does not have FlatPress, tell them! Ask your web hosting provider if they’d like to offer FlatPress in their software installer. Recommend FlatPress to people asking you for an easy-to-use blogging engine.
  • Sometimes, we ask for intensive testing before releasing a new version. Take part in it and tell us what you think.
  • To keep up to date, check out our project site once in a while. You may also subscribe to the RSS feed. The forums also have an RSS feed, did you know?
    And of course, you may follow us on Twitter and on Mastodon.


Even if FlatPress is free software, you may still feel the urge to support our efforts and send us a little “thank you”. There are different ways to do so!

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