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Browse user-contributed FlatPress themes in this list.

Please note: Some of the themes were created for previous FlatPress versions. If you stumble upon problems using them in current FlatPress versions, please leave a note on the theme's wiki page!

For theme authors

If you'd like to share your own theme, please submit it on this page. Therefore, just copy the very last row of the overview table to add your theme to the table. Then create a corresponding page for your theme.

  • You may use the page of your theme for screenshots, descriptions, installation instructions, or a version history of your theme.
  • If you ported themes to FlatPress, please check if its license allows this. And don't forget to mention the original author.
  • Please keep the list in alphabetical order.

Thank you for supporting Flatpress!

Community-contributed themes

Theme Description Author
23 A nice theme for Flatpress, useful for programmerszeuder
2022 White, black and gray theme. Mobile support. Desktop 2 Columns. Widget right sidebar and Top menu. Fabiano Santos
Avelion A mostly dark theme that comes with different color sets Lantaca Ucasi
Azure Blue. Azure blue! Marcoverga 86
Bearggero A modern modification of the stock Leggero theme. dartarrow and darreng
Bitter-Sweet a bright-green interface, charged with summer flavour and freshness. Theme by Arcsin, ported by Tychondriax
Black Minimalism Theme based on Wordpress’ Black Minimalism 2.0 theme. Theme by Paul Wellner Bou
Blue Bayou A left-side sidebar theme based on the original Flatpress Leggero theme. Jason Patterson
Bobugray Light and gray. bobu
Dark Theme Dark and blue by Bartelme Design, ported by Tychondriax
Deckay 3.0 Comes in 4 different styles, green, orange, blue and black. zeuder
Deckay 4.0 Update of theme Deckay. Now with more styles. zeuder
Dilectio It's a 3-columns theme, adsense ready. Wordpress theme by Design Disease, ported to Flatpress by Inspired Dreamer
Disciple A simple theme with 3-columns, a topbar and 5 different styles. Theme by Regis, ported to Flatpress by Marcoverga
Emerald Grass Clean and easy-on-eyes theme. Created by spidernik84. Ported to 0.8+ by viktor
Esh A Dark Theme.
Ezau A fresh bright green theme zeuder
FlatRead A minimalist and simplistic theme. Repsonsive. Marc Thibeault
f!uXish Sophisticated theme with 7 styles f!uX
Final Inspired by Apple website bobu
FlatMistyLook based on the popular wordpress MistyLook theme created by sadish sneakatron
FPAleksandr Mithat Konar
FPSkeleton Description Mithat Konar
Gray Mostly gray, a bit blue Lantaca Ucasi
GreyMatter A modern FlatPress theme in tones of dark grey. 100% responsive. Works a charm on mobile devices. Marc Thibeault
Hemingway Port of awesome wp theme Hemingway Kyle Neath
insel fixed header fixed header in blue and greyscale; fixed sidebar and rounded top corners insel - Mick Zielke
iGray looks like apple site, with two styles, one with widgets column on the left side, one on the right one Lantaca Ucasi
iMobile A mobile teme looks like iOS, very useful with mobile plug in for flatpress Lantaca Ucasi
iNove MG12's sleek iNove Wordpress theme ported to Flatpress zeuder
IoVetro Based on Leggero, a transparent theme, to view the world through a window Lantaca Ucasi
iTyp Theme based on text. zeuder
Jacutinga Dark blue, light blue, white and gray theme. Mobile support. Desktop 2 Columns. Widget on left sidebar and Top menu. fabianosantosnet - "Projetos & Idéias"
Leggero v2 plus New theme Leggero v2 modified with a topbar and share links Lantaca Ucasi
Leggero3c+1 Theme based on Leggero, with three columns and a top-bar. There are some styles Lantaca Ucasi
ligero Theme based on Leggero NoWhereMan, Paul Wellner Bou
MiniSimple 0.1 Minisimple is minimalist and responsive FlatPress theme.
misoul Test theme, convert Wordpress theme to flatpress. Original theme in R. Rivas
Mybest Clear and easy bobu
Mybobu A simple theme with % layout. For different style: gray, blue, green, red bobu
MysticTrees a further development of the Simplewood theme by Laborix
Nautica22 Liquid 2 columns liquid layout Theme by studio7designs, ported by Laborix
NHWS Scalable Scalable theme as responsive design based on Leggero. Also works with PHP 8 and FlatPress 1.3. Displays the category name when selecting a category. NORTH HILL WORK STUDIO
newidea Clear and easy, new idea bobu
Notepad Inspired by a book bobu
Ornate Modestly modified from leggero M. Volz
Pastels Some pastel color that will make your blog nicer! A simple theme with a right column and a top bar. Fixed width. Marco Vergagni
pivotx-en The theme “PivotX-en” is a Responsive Design Theme and works on PCs, Notebooks, Tablets and mobile Devices. ported from the PivotX template “Andreas Three Columns” to Flatpress by Laborix
quaderno A theme looking like a piece of a note taking sheet by Lantaca Ucasi
Rainbow Fork of the snail-theme with orange/black-transparent design and colorful background DeltaLima
REdme Tema a percentuale, semplice e che dà al blog un aspetto più da “sito”. bobu
Saturn A clean and dark theme with gorgeous typography and a few tweaks
sharkpress A mod of Leggero (flatmaas revisited) to add my personal styling, font and color choices. sh0rkb0i
SimplaFlex Based on “Simpla”, but more flexible Wolfram
Simplewood 2 columns liquid layout ported by Laborix
Snail 2-column theme, with blue/grey look and widget bar on the left Marco Vergani
Snoods A 3 column theme with black and orange colors. Snoods Theme by Mukkamu, ported by Marco Vergani
SoulVision A WordPress Template ported to FlatPress Lantaca Ucasi
StudioPress A wordpress theme with 3-columns, adsense ready. Theme designed by Dailyblogtips and ported to Flatpress by Inspired Dreamer
A Touch of Glass This is a clean blog frontend theme. You get 1, 2 or 3 colums in a single theme. Axel Hahn
Trebah Gardens Modification of Emerald Grass theme Wolfgang Weidner
Warning Clear and nice. Width trasperence effects. bobu
Webfi Theme with menubar, topbar and sidebar. Fixed width zeuder
Windows All windows desktop themes series Lantaca Ucasi
Xubox soft, clean design zeuder
Your theme Description You
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