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Having problems with FlatPress or its plugins?
Do not hesitate to call for help on the FlatPress Support Forum!

This is a listing of user-contributed plugins. If you are looking for the plugins from the FlatPress standard distribution, click here.

For plugin authors

If you have written or improved a plugin or widget for flatpress that you would like to share, then please submit it on this page. Therefore, just add a new row to the overview table. Just copy and paste an existing row and edit its contents.

Please keep the entries in alphabetical order. Thank you for supporting Flatpress!

List of plugins

All lists below are work in progress.

Please also see the legacy plugins: This page gathers plugins that used to work fine in the past but have gone lost inbetween. Please help us reviving them and add them here!

FlatPress standard plugins

These plugins are being shipped with the FlatPress download package: List of standard plugins

FlatPress extra plug-ins

More plugins maintained by the FlatPress project that are not in the download package.

Plugin Description Ready for FP 1.3
DateChanger Lets you change the publish date for (new) entries. :-)
Markdown Provides Markdown markup in posts. :-( #7
… list is to be completed …

Community-contributed plugins

Plugins made by other FlatPress users!

Plugin Description Author Ready for FP 1.3
Audio and video player Provides simple players for audio and video files. Arvid Zimmermann :-)
CookieGuard The plugin displays a banner that informs the visitor about the use of cookies. mirai-online :-)
CountPages In admin area show number of entries, drafts, and statics. Robert Riebisch :-)
DateChanger (alternative) Works as alternative for the DateChanger Plugin, adds a calendar widget (update v1.0). NORTH HILL WORK STUDIO :-(
Download Counter Adds a BBCode “download” tag with a link to the file to download and a counter for how many times the file has been downloaded. Igor Kromin :-)
Emoticons A simple emoticon plugin that replaces strings with pictures. Fraenkiman :-)
Entry Cover Add a cover image to each of your blog entries. Francisco Arocas :?:
FontSizeSelect Lets your visitors change the font size. NORTH HILL WORK STUDIO :-)
FPCaptcha Simple but effective captcha plugin Stanley, italian translation by Giacomo Margarito :?:
Go Top and Scroll Indicator Shows a scrolling progress bar and a Go Top button. Fraenkiman :-)
GPX Viewer Displays uploaded GPS tracks on a map Arvid Zimmermann :?:
Inlinephp Allows execution of arbitrary php code from pages Plugin by ChrisBlank :?:
Internal URLs Adds BBCode tags for links to static pages and entries Piero VDFN :-)
Mobile Sets a different theme for visitors with mobile devices Piero VDFN :?:
PhotoSwipe Very appealing image and gallery viewer; includes swipe navigation on mobile devices. Arvid Zimmermann :-) 1)
reCaptcha Anti-spam with Google reCaptcha v3 service. NORTH HILL WORK STUDIO :-(
SEO Metatag Info Editing and output of description, keywords, and robots meta tags. Hubert *German translation by Arvid Zimmermann :-)
Spoiler Tags This plugin makes it possible to hide content in spoiler tags. Tongara :-)
Tag Plugin Allows using tags in flatpress ebal :-)

Meaning of emoticons

:-) shows if the plugin works with the next version of FlatPress 1.3

:?: shows that the plugin works with FlatPress 1.2.1, but no information about the compatibility to FlatPress 1.3 is available

:-( shows if the plugin works with FlatPress 1.2.1 but is not compatible with FlatPress 1.3 in the future

Will be part of FlatPress 1.3. An additional installation of the plugin is not necessary
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