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Standard Plugins

The following plugins are included with the FlatPress core distribution. There are also a lot plugins contributed by the community!

Many plugins provide widgets and/or add new elements to the BBCode markup.

Plugin name Description Active by default
Accessible Antispam Antispam asking to answer a simple math question.
AdminArea Provides the Admin Area - and a widget with useful admin and login/logout links.
Archives Adds an Archive widget element that shows the blog history in years and months.
BBCode Allows you to use BBCode markup. Contains a range of markup elements such as images, links, and many more.
BlockParser Creates widgets from static pages.
Calendar Provides a widget with a calendar displaying the blog history.
Categories Allows to create categories for your entries. Adds a widget that displays the categories.
Comment Center Manage your blog's comments: Set policies, publish or reject comments. Optional spam detection via Akismet.
CookieBanner Displays a discreet banner.
DateChanger Allows to set a custom date and time for new entries.
Emoticons Allows use of emoticons.
FavIcon Adds a global (theme-independent) favicon to your blog.
RSS and Atom Feed Adds a widget with links to the RSS and Atom feed.
FootNotes Enables footnotes in your entries.
FlatPress Protect Protect your blog with additional fetures in the HTTP response header.
Gallery captions Manages image captions for gallery images.
jQuery Provides jQuery and jQueryUI locally.
LastComments Adds a widget that shows the latest comments.
LastComments Admin Manages the cache of the LastComments plugin. Requires LastComment plugin enabled.
LastEntries Adds a widget that lists the latest entries.
LightBox2 Provides Lightbox overlays using SlimBox 2. Requires jQuery plugin enabled.
Media Manager Manage uploaded files and photo galleries.
PhotoSwipe Displays images and galleries with PhotoSwipe.
PostViews Counts and displays entry views.
PrettyURLs Enables SEO friendly, pretty URLs (via htaccess).
QuickSpamFilter Block comments by “bad” words.
ReadMore Chops lengthy entries in the overview and appends a “Read more” link.
SearchBox Adds a search box widget.
SEO Meta Tag Info Allows editing of SEO meta tags description, keywords and robots for Entries, Statics and Categories.
Support Shows support data in the Maintain menu.
Thumbnails Creates thumbnails for uploaded images.
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