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Standard Plugins

The following plugins are included with the FlatPress core distribution. There are also a lot plugins contributed by the community!


Plugin Name: Accessible Antispam

Description: Antispam asking to answer a simple math question.


Plugin Name: Admin Area

Description: AdminArea plugin.

Note: Provides Widget with some useful administration links and a login/logout link.


Plugin Name: Akismet

Description: Integration with Akismet powerful Antispam system!

Default State: Disabled

Note: Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not.
You must provide you personal API key by editing plugin.akismet.php. You can get an API key for free registering to

// change 0 into your API key
define('AKISMET_API_KEY', '0');
define('AKISMET_TIMEOUT', 10);


Plugin Name: Archives

Description: Adds an Archive widget element.

Note: Provides Widget with the entries' archive by months and years.


Plugin Name: BBcode

Description: Allows you to use BBCode markup.

The BBCode plugin contains a range of markup elements such as images, links, and many more. See the plugin documentation for more details.


Plugin Name: BlockParser

Description: This allow you to use simple non-plugin custom blocks


Plugin Name: Calendar

Description: Adds a Calendar widget element.

Default State: Disabled

Note: Provides Widget with a calendar.


Plugin Name: Categories

Description: Adds a Categories widget element.

Note: Provides Widget with a list of categories.


Plugin Name: Comment Center

Description: Manage your blog’s comments: Set policies, publish or reject comments.


Plugin Name: FavIcon

Description: Adds a global-wise (theme-independent) favicon to your blog; from a post on the forum


Plugin Name: FootNotes

Description: Enables footnotes in your entries.

Default State: Disabled


Plugin Name: jQuery

Description: Provides jQuery


Plugin Name: LastComments

Description: Adds a Last Comments widget element.

Default State: Disabled

Note: Provides Widget with a list last comments.
You must enable/disable it in Widget Panel.


Plugin Name: LastComments Admin

Description: Manage the cache of the LastComments plugin. Requires LastComment plugin enabled.

Default State: Disabled


Plugin Name: Last Entries

Description: Adds a Last Entries widget element.

Note: Provides Widget with a list last entries.


Plugin Name: LightBox2

Description: Lightbox overlays using slimbox2.

Note: requires jQuery plugin. You must first enable jquery !


Plugin Name: Media Manager

Description: Manage uploaded files and photo galleries.


Plugin Name: PostViews

Description: Counts and displays entry views. Part of the standard distribution.

Default State: Disabled


Plugin Name: PrettyURLs

Description: Url prettifier (powered by htaccess).

Note: Move the htaccess.txt file found to .htaccess in the root directory.

To upload I suggest creating a htaccess.txt locally with those contents, upload (via FTP) and then rename to .htaccess. Please notice that on apache+windows prettyurls won't work, because there's NO mod_rewrite support!



Plugin Name: QuickSpamFilter

Description: bans comments containing some special words; it can be customized editing the source file


Plugin Name: ReadMore

Description: Chops a lengthy entry and appends a “read more” link.

Note: to use it write the tag [more] somwehere in your text. This tag doen't require closing tag ([/more])

Plugin Name: Search Box

Description: Adds a Search Box widget element.

Note: Provides Widget with a search form.


Plugin Name: Thumbnails

Description: If this is loaded, using the scale parameter on an image. The thumbnail is cached in the images/.thumbs directory. Remember that directory beginning with a dot are hidden on UNIX-like systems.

Note: to use it add scale=xx% attribute to [img] tag (e.g.: [img=images/something.jpg scale=50%])

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